Underwear and Undershirts for the Whole Family!

  • Ladies Popular Priced Shapewear and Controlwear
  • Ladies Packaged Underwear and Undershirts
  • Ladies Bras
  • Mens Packaged Underwear and Undershirts
  • Boys Packaged Underwear and Undershirts
  • Girls Packaged Underwear and Undershirts

Mega Group has been an Underwear vendor since 2000 with officed and Showroom in Midtown Manhattan.

Our Ladies Brands are WunderWear, FIX by Wunderwear, BLUSH, and Ella.

Girls Packaged Underwear and Undershirts are under the WunderGirl Branding.

Boys Packaged Basics is under our BLACK BEAR and our Mens Packaged Underwear is under BBFM (Black Bear for Men).

  • Our Mission is to offer our clientele Strong and Profitable Sell-Thrus, Quality in our Products, Attractive Packaging, & Value. In this economy, we look to stand out in a crowd.
  • We service many types of accounts, from the Boutique, all the way to the ‘Big Box’ Retailer, to the Supermarket & Drug Chain, On-Line Retailers, E-Commerce, Amazon, and more.
  • The Mega Group Distribution Center is conveniently located in Newark, NJ here in the USA. We also offer to sell FOB country of origin and well has Landed Shipments.
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